" Painting Keeps Me Alive, I Paint With My Soul "

 " It is important to express oneself... Provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience."

Berthe Morisot


I was born and raised in Singapore, and grew up watching my multitalented late father fashion things out of nothing. His versatility inspired me to spend my younger years pursuing various fields and crafts. As an adult, I eventually traded the perpetual Singapore sunshine, for the rich and vivid colours and seasons of Switzerland, where I am based now.


Though I have always been artistically attuned since I was in school, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in a long while only recently. My mother's passing seemed to cause life to lose its vibrancy. But my amazing support system of friends encouraged  me to channel my emotion into something tangible, and gave me the spirit I needed to begin colouring my own life. Nostalgia, grief, the need for a creative outlet and incredibly supportive friends led my art and me to where I am now.


As an artist, I take inspiration from my surroundings and deep within. I find myself mimicking my younger self, by constantly experimenting with multitude of styles, and incorporating different approaches to my art. The one constant, however is the fluidity and ever-changing nature of life and the soul that persists as the centre of my work.